In the Gym.. a faggot is humiliated but…

I stepped off the stair-climber, quads burning, my shirt drenched, feeling wrung-out. The man-watching had been awesome, but left me feeling horny and exhausted at the same time.

The crowd at the gym had thinned, and the opportunities for staring at straining spandex had diminished; fuck.

Hope and boners spring eternal, and I was imagining having the balls to ask to suck some dick in the shower room. Not that that had ever happened or was gonna happen.

I thought I was looking pretty good, catching little glimpses of myself in the mirror as I strutted my way to the locker room to piss and sluice off the workout. I was considering sitting in a stall next to someone and stroking one out into toilet paper to ease the horny; my little dick started getting hard.

That’s when I caught sight of him. It froze me in the doorway into the men’s locker room like a deer.

He was massive – maybe six and a half feet. He had wavy hair that was brushing his bare…and fucking massive shoulders. Huge traps that lunged upward, and joined his neck inches above its base. Massive lats that fanned out as he reached around to massage his lower back with one hand. Big boulder biceps bulging around the triceps I was staring at, making their hollow diamond shape with his every move.

God, his ass was gorgeous in some loose boxer shorts – huge and high and tight. And his quads bulged as he stepped from big foot to big hairy foot.

And his face sported a big bulge of a beard and pale blue eyes that were fucking staring right at me, and I’m not sure how long they had been doing that as I raped him with my eyes.

He arched one slender brown-blond eyebrow. “Sup,” he said, with a low rumble of menace in his huge chest as he turned toward me. He had a full furry belly and big, meaty, hairy pecs. He rolled his shoulders and pinned me there like a fucking worm with his eyes.

I gulped as I felt my little dick get hard in my shorts. “Hey, sir,” I stammered, putting my towel between my hands so it dangled in front of my straining cock.

Fuck fuck fuck. My dick was aching, and my stomach felt like ice water and I couldn’t look away from this norse fucking god strutting his shit in the locker room.

He glared at me for a long minute, taking obvious note of me covering my little boner with my towel, and as he took in that I was frozen there in the doorway by his gaze, a mean little smile greased his lips.

He held me with the stance of his big fucking muscle body, and he turned from side to side, looking around the locker room casually.

Something big and hypnotic swayed back and forth like a fat snake in his boxers. I was salivating, and my hands were clammy. I couldn’t force myself to fucking retreat or head to a locker, I just watched his cock pendulum back and forth as he checked the gym and then stretched in either direction, his back popping.

In a low voice, he growled, “Don’t stand there all day blocking the fucking exit, BOY.”

My cock throbbed hard enough to cut glass and I could feel my little dickhead leaking into my fucking shorts. I swore I could see his cock stretching out like a python under the too-large boxers.

He clapped his locker closed loudly, and pulled his towel across the big slopes of his back muscles. It broke the spell. I headed for my locker – which was right near his, because…that’s how gyms work when you’re a bitch.

He shook his head and I’m sure I heard him mutter “faggot” as he walked away – each ass cheek flexing and unflexing like a pair of moons under his shorts. I was so aroused and scared in equal parts it felt like I was gonna pass out.

I changed out of my sopping – and now cold – workout shirt and shorts. I sat on the bench for a long couple of minutes thinking about vaginas and nuns to get my hardon to go down. No sign of anyone else in the gym. No return of Thor, with his Thunder Hammer swinging under his boxers. fuck so hard to get my hard to go down thinking shit like that.

Wrapped my towel around my waist, sucked in my belly, checked myself out in the mirror: decent. Boner slowly starting to go down.

There were 2 showers running in the shower room.

There were a couple of handicapped stalls at the entry of the shower room and then after a turn an open shower area.

I stepped into the open area and stopped. It was steamy, and there he was in the middle of the space with his back to the entry. He had a small towel and was standing with his tree trunk legs spread, soaping his ass, slowly.

So much for not having a boner. I mean, I’d never get to fuck anything like this god with my little faggot cock, but Jesus!

When he dragged he cloth down between his legs, and I saw his big bull nuts slap to one side, I said “Holy shit.” It echoed way louder than I meant it to – especially in that space.

Sliding the white soapy cloth through his crack, his big quads bulging, his long hair clinging to his bull neck, he glanced back at me. He pinned me there…again… with his eyes, which seemed darker…and meaner than they had in the locker room.

He held my gaze as he turned to the side, dropping the soapy towel. Water ran down the valleys of his back, dripping off his soapy ass and running down his legs. The water struck his right pec and beaded his beard….

And then his cock came into view. It leaned above his big nuts, just hard enough to be lifted off them in an arc, but heavy enough to have a deep curve down. It was so thick! My mouth flooded with eager spit. It was already like 8 fucking inches long and hadn’t stood all the way up. It was one of those thick ones with almost no veins showing, and a big bulge of a tube along the bottom. The head was pink and cut and a fat mushroom on top of the shaft, already blushing red.

I gulped.

He growled, his low voice not echoing over the shower sounds so someone standing behind me in the stalls wouldn’t hear, but his voice still surrounded me. “Seeing something you like, FAGGOT?”

I looked back up at him from his cock. He had a sneer on his face. I felt myself start to leak under my towel. “I…uh…” I couldn’t look away, even as I saw him reach one of his big paws down and pull his balls away from his shaft. I looked back down as he wrapped his big hand that barely fit around the straightening, thick dick and slowly stroked the full length. All the way up, rolling his foreskin over the head, and then slowly back down. The head turned red. I could see the tube on the bottom of his dick fully engorged now. Water dripped off his fat balls between his bulging quads. I wanted to lick everything.

He growled again in that low voice that made my stomach do cold flips, “Get over here, and get on your knees like a good fucking faggot. Make yourself useful at fucking least.”

I blinked. I couldn’t believe he was saying this to me. I watched his biceps bulge and he went for another stroke on the fat length of his shaft. It got harder and harder as I watched, stretching out another inch or so, and standing up so it was a straight line, perpendicular to his body, perfectly rigid, big balls swaying hypnotically underneath.

“Anytime now, bitch,” he growled.

I started. I lurched forward. My towel had come partly undone. I ended up slipping, and sprawling on the tile in front of him, my ass exposed, my face next to one of his big feet.

He chuckled in a way that made my butthole clench. “Yeah, that seems about right.”

He pushed his wet foot close to my face. “Kiss it,” I could feel the shower water soaking my towel, and running down his muscles, and streaming off the end of his cock onto my back.

I reached forward to kiss the top of his foot. He slid his food forward and his big toe slid into my mouth. “Suck it,” he hissed.

I wrapped my lips around the thickness of his big toe. A taste of funk and some soap. The second toe pushed in past my lips, thinner, making the whole the width of what I thought of as a “normal dick” – bigger than mine, but a nice mouthful. I sucked slow and hard up the length of his toes, then pushed back down like I’d do to the head of a cock with foreskin. His big paw went back to his dick and the water moving over me changed. For a long minute, I laid on the warm, wet tile, sucking his toes in my mouth, working them with my tongue. I thought any second I’d feel his hot cum hit my ass, my back, my hair.

Abruptly, he pulled his toes out of my mouth. I realized I was grinding the towel with my cock, “You like sucking my feet, you fucking little pervert,” he growled at me. For some reason I thought he was going to kick me. I just laid there, staring at his veiny bulging calves.

slap.. slapslap went a meaty sound as he chuckled. I finally looked up to see his cock – now fully hard – he was holding it by the base and slapping the long, straight column of it against his other hand. The thick meat was hitting the water and springing back up, strike by slow strike. The shaft was pale white and the head was a thick red that made my mouth water. I was imagining what the weightlifting supplements would make his sperm taste like.

“Get…” slap “ on your “ slap “ fucking “ slap “knees” slap “BITCH” he growled low and menacing.

I gripped his huge calves to steady myself and pulled myself forward out of my towel. I was on my knees and as I straightened up I hit his calloused hand holding his cock with my head.

I leaned back and looked at him. He leered down at me.

“You would do anything I fucking told you to,” slap went the enormous fat bulging clean white cock.

I was losing every ounce of my will, every vestige of self-respect, any ergs I had of self-determination. “Yeah,” I whispered.

“It’s YES, SIR, faggot”, he growled.

“YES SIR”, I answered, my voice cracking.

“Ass or cock?” He said, turning a little, flexing his massive teardrop butt cheeks.

“… wuh?” I barely knew who I was much less what was happening?

“ASS,” he flexed his massive boulder ass muscles, cleaving a deep cleft between them that my tiny dick strained too long for, “or COCK” he slapped his huge hard member like a white police baton against his hand. It was starting to get even harder, pointing at the sky.

“If you don’t answer me I swear I’m going to beat the life out of you, bitch,” he growled and I knew he meant it. I… I licked my lips. I looked at his sculpted god body. He couldn’t. I couldn’t.

“I will know if you’re lying and I will fuck you up,” he said, with a weird gentleness in the threat of violence.

“Cock then ass?” I squeaked like the faggot I was.

“Good answer, bitch!” He said, grabbing my hair and pulling me onto his massive dick.

Wait, what did that mean?

I swallowed his cock with ease, practiced, fucking cocksucker that I am taking the massive width and length deep into my throat and massaging them without thought, without question, without hope of anything, in spit of the beating I’d probably get after his which would not be the first.

He groaned and leaned his head back and … released my head.

I brought both hands up. I stroked the length of his cock with my throat, tongue, lips, left hand, right hand in that order. He groaned and I could taste his precum that was bitter and tasted a little like turmeric.

Again and again I bobbed my head, and worked hands, lips, tongue, throat on the glorious and perfect length of his cock. His cock head throbbed harder and harder with each pass. He was fucking ready to bur-

He pushed me back against the edge of the shower stall and I lost my balance. I smacked my head and caught myself, seeing stars. I braced for more violence, which sometimes happens with straight boys about to cum / having just cum.

None came.

“GET THE FUCK ON WITH IT, BITCH,” his voice pulled my eyelids open.

He had turned around.

The Shower water was running down a god’s shoulders, back muscles, the gorgeous sculpted mounds of his ass.

He brought one hand back and pulled the muscle of his right butt cheek aside. A dusting of hair between the godlike boulders. The wink of a starfish.

Did he just wink his hole at me? Did this almost-seven-fucking-foot-tall gym god just Kegel his butthole to entice my little dick inside?

Well if I was gonna get beaten up, this was Fucking Worth It.

I scrambled to my feet, nearly slipping in his fucking Fabio conditioner.

I grabbed his hips, dug my fingers into his cum gutters. He didn’t deck me.

I hawked up a loogie into my right hand, and smeared it on the head of my cock, mixing with the half gallon of precum I’d been dripping in the last while.

I took my slick hand, looking up at him and applied it to his hole, to the fuckhole of this giant fucking stud.

He moaned and pushed his ass back on me.

WHO WAS THE BITCH NOW? I thought very quietly so I didn’t get murdered in a gym shower.

My cock was so hard I was afraid to touch him.

Did he just fucking moan as I used a finger to work my precum and spit inside of him?

I knew not to ask questions or get a condom or real lube or… I knew suddenly he wanted it to hurt a little bit, so I didn’t spit again.

I inched closer and wrapped my hands in his cum gutters again, pulling him close.

“Nggggg….” He groaned as I rubbed little cock along his hole. He bent over. He pushed back, trying to get his hole around my little cock. 

I was frantically wishing I had a video camera, a friend, a surveillance photo, something to prove later this wasn’t a dream.

He hunched his ass down and then up, clenching his butt cheeks to hold my hard little upward-pointing cock in a fucking vice. Around his side, I saw a huge string of precum drop from his massive straight cock to the floor. My own starfish clenched, wishing I could get fucked by him. But I had opened my big fucking mouth… 

He pushed back, and my cock vanished between his cheeks, and plunged fully inside him.

He bent over to take all of it, every last fucking centimeter. 

“NNNNG!” He groaned like I was the one with the 10 inch horescock. My cock bucked an pulsed. I wouldn’t fuck him long no matter what. My balls were jockeying for position with my Adam’s apple. FUCK!

I thought about nuns, vaginas, infections… it didn’t matter.

He put his eyes against his forearm and moaned in a slightly high-pitched voice, pushing himself against me.

This fucking norse god needed a little-dicked fucking faggot to fuck him.

My hands were already on his hips. Looking hard at the side of his face I pulled almost all the way out of the warm fucking clenching heaven of his hole, I waited a second.

“…NN!” He moaned, high pitched, needing more cock.

WHO IS THE FAGGOT NOW!? I thought super loudly.

I slammed my cock home. It felt bigger already.

I pulled back. I slammed home again.

He groaned. More precum drained from his massive penis, hitting the floor in strings as the hot water coursed over us.

I pulled back, paused, pulled my aching cock head all the way out of him.

His head whipped around to face me, need and rage fighting in his face.

As soon as I saw it, I slammed home again, pushing with my cardio hips and pulling with my PX-90 arms for all I was worth.

His face became an “O” of revelation.

SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM I pounded him as hard as I possibly could. No slapping, my balls were already inside my tight little abdomen.

“OH, GAWD, you fucking FAG what are yOU DOoo… gaaaahhhhhhh,” I reached around and squeezed his balls like a mother fucker, this giant asshole.

I came. Volley after volley after volley shot up Thor’s fucking asshole.

He came. Volley after volley after volley hit him in the beard, slapped the shower wall, hit the shower wall, slapped the floor, drizzled out.

His muscles were relaxing as I pulled out and smacked his ass as hard as I possibly could.

“Next time you want a fucking faggot in your hole, ask nice, BITCH,” I said, as my hand print turned red on his giant ass.

He said something.

“What was that, bitch?” I said, my cock still as hard as fucking adamantium.

“…yes… SIR…” he grumbled, his cock arcing back up toward hard again….