You Are Mine

Daddy, where do we start?

“We’ll start teaching you to open and let go and surrender and want.”

Yes sir for and with to satisfy you is the only mission

Ah, that’s the secret, isn’t it? Because that would be my goal as well, as I’m coaching you and being in charge and opening you to new things the whole time I’m deeply connected to your body, your heart, following your opening and pleasure and dark needs in a way that lets you feel safe and open and used and loved and protected and just out of your fucking head with pleasure.

Like… you in child’s pose and my big paws rubbing your shoulders as the head of my hard cock presses gently against your hole. The fat pressure is what you want more than anything, want it inside you. All you have to focus on because your eyes are closed like a good boy.

“Take a deep breath and hold it for a long moment.”

And you tighten, thinking I’m going to shove it in, but I stay still and groan instead as your hole kisses the head of my cock with its breathe-in pucker. Then as you breathe out, your hole literally expands and engulfs the spongy firm head of my cock and my glans halfway down my circumcision scar.

And I sigh as I feel the surprise pleasure run through you.

And you relax your head into the pillow and moan “oh, daddy”.

Which makes my dick jump with excitement… and I slide gently but irresistibly further in.

I slowly work my daddy cock deep into your beautiful boy hole where it belongs.

I slowly draw out as I draw my hands back up your back, then I lean my full weight onto your back, pushing the breath out, massaging the long muscles of your spine, and pushing finally the 7” length of my pale pink daddy dick fully inside you again.

“Breathe with me”

I growl softly as I lean back, pulling down the length of your back but leaving my cock inside. You breath in.
My cock slides alllllmost all the way out.
I press on your hips, and move along your back as the breath is pushed out of you and you let go deeper into the pillow, into the bed.
My cock slides inside, grinding along your prostate, making you groan with almost no breath.

Your cock is so hard between your legs and wet.
You close your thighs together to trap it as I rub the length of your body.
You lapse bit by bit into a perfect dream of letting go, of being open, of pleasuring daddy and him pleasuring you in return.

You fall out of normal consciousness, into a trance like state, senses overwhelmed. Daddy is spoiling you with such intense pleasure, and hearing Daddy above and behind you, feeling his power dominating you, you also hear the pleasure you are giving him which gives meaning to your pleasure.

So Full, so Empty, so much NEEDING daddy to be inside you, needing his cum, needing to stop because it’s too much, needing to never stop because you don’t ever want to stop this surrender you are giving to Daddy.

You realize you’re going to cum. Your hands at your sides clench involuntarily like they belong to someone else. You let go again. You let them go.

“Getting close, boy. You want my cum, boy, don’t you, boy, open up for daddy now, open up for Daddy’s load!”

I growl above you like a beast.

“Please daddy!” You groan, the last word pushed out of you by Daddy’s weight. You don’t know if you’re begging for his seed or begging him to pull out, but you feel your boyness, you feel all the pleasure dumbing down your brain and lighting a fire in your senses.

There’s a deep growl and all of Daddy’s weight is on you. His big arms snake around you and crush the rest of your breath out of you.

“You.” Daddy begins, slapping the length of his huge hardness inside you “ARE”, pulling out slamming home again “MINE!”

Those words make a space inside you, a permanent space as daddy pushes deep against your prostate and his cock head thrusts past that second boy hole inside you.

Cum splatters your chin.
Your cum splatters your chest.
It dribbles on the bedspread where you know you’re going to be made to lick and suck it up. And you’re going to love his hand on your head guiding you.

Daddy’s warmth jets and jets and jets inside you, his cock expanding and pumping and thumping your prostate.

Daddy pushes you out flat and his whole body descends over yours, containing you, crushing you, holding you.

Yours you mutter as you clench your hole reflexively around daddy’s hard dick and fall into unconsciousness.