What the fuck?

In each man, all things live.

In every man, every other man lives. Saints. Torturers. Sadists. Geniuses. Mussolini. Buddha.

Men have schooled themselves to be good boys, to play by the rules, to keep ourselves in the bounds of ‘normal‘ for all the reasons that make sense – society, peace, friendships. But we’re not men, then, are we, but boys.

You’ve probably wondered if there wasn’t something else. Maybe unconsciously, you changed yourself to make the men (and maybe women) in your life happy. You’ve given up your middle ground top/bottom place over a desire to please your mates and to somehow stay safe.

And yet, and yet, even in that fading-hardon, total top desirable man something is not…quite…right. Start walking toward yourself. Start moving into that bright and dark place, where you, too, will be held, where intensity is responsible and permissible.

Welcome to Strange Power.



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